How do you introduce yourself in this public domain?

I will start with relationships – as they are probably the most important thing in my life……….

Married to David – for 30 years now – (really?  How on earth did we get that old?)

Mother to Rosie – for the last 23 years and Sam for the last 21 years – I am sure they will all appear at some point in these pages.

Sister to Wendi and John – neither of whom I see often enough as they live in different counties/countries.  And Bob as well although we lost him many years ago now.

Born and brought up in Bolton (when it was still part of Lancashire – rather than Greater Manchester) – so I still consider myself a Lancastrian and a Northerner – even though I have lived in the South East of England for more than 30 years.


Next by my passions……….

Running – of course – that is where this blog started!  I started running in my early 20s and ran for 4 or 5 years – but then had a long break – starting again around 15 years ago.

Knitting – the extreme kind of course.

Music – of all sorts – again I am sure you will hear more of this through the blogs.

Bolton Wanderers FC – probably explains a lot……………

And Human Rights and equality for all people (well maybe not Donald Trump…..)


And finally by what I do – When I’m not running of course…………

I have been a clinical psychologist since 1982 – mainly working with children, young people and their families.  It is a job that I still love – although I work privately now having been made redundant/retired from the NHS around 3 years ago (probably not a topic to get me started on).  I worry for our children and grandchildren – growing up in today’s pressures – so you will probably hear more about this as well…..


As I write this I am contemplating a birthday next week.  I will be 58 – time to share some of my thoughts…………………..