A Spring in my Step!

It’s spring out there in case you haven’t noticed – get out there and walk – or run – or tidy the garden – but get out there!

I’ve been somewhat “down in the dumps” as I have not been able to run very much with my sore hip – I keep thinking it’s getting better – and then I run again and it hurts again……..  And I still want to have a go at my 10 remaining half marathons…………………

So I had no choice but take drastic action and I’ve joined the gym!  I can use the cross-trainer, the bike and the swimming pool to my heart’s content – without pain – it just seems to be running that upsets things.  At least I can keep fit – but I do miss running outdoors.

So yesterday was the first run for a week – and I really needed to try out my hip as my next half is only 7 days away.  So eight miles planned – and the good news is – eight miles done! Some minor discomfort and a bit stiff afterwards but massive improvement so I’m on the mend! And it is just so good to be out there in the light and the spring weather.  I saw daffodils, snowdrops, violets and primroses.  There were robins bobbing about and I saw a swan in flight. The sun was shining (and it still is).  The days are getting longer.  All is well…….

Running track for the week – so sad that they are splitting up – “We are the Battery Human” by Stornaway – because we were born to be Free Range!



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