My 2016 (and it’s not all about Running)

I was very taken this year by Tim Minchin’s speech made to accept his honorary Doctorate from the University of Western Australia.  Okay – so it wasn’t in 2016 – but I first saw it in 2016 – so that counts in my book!  I found it funny and thought provoking – so much so that I was tempted to suggest all my patients watch it before they saw me – maybe they wouldn’t need to see a Clinical Psychologist if they just followed his rules for life.  Do watch it if you have not seen it before……………….  (I hope my link works)

– but if not just Google it.

There has been much to worry about in 2016 – but in this blog I am going to follow (fellow runner) Tim’s Point number 7:

Define Yourself By What You Love
I’ve found myself doing this thing a bit recently, where, if someone asks me what sort of music I like, I say “well I don’t listen to the radio because pop lyrics annoy me”. Or if someone asks me what food I like, I say “I think truffle oil is overused and slightly obnoxious”. And I see it all the time online, people whose idea of being part of a subculture is to hate Coldplay or football or feminists or the Liberal Party. We have tendency to define ourselves in opposition to stuff; as a comedian, I make a living out of it. But try to also express your passion for things you love. Be demonstrative and generous in your praise of those you admire. Send thank-you cards and give standing ovations. Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff.

This is what I have loved in 2016:

  1. Celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary – 30 years with David – how did we get to be so old?? We’ve done well boy………………..
  2. Just being able to run – the Brighton Marathon of course – and the Sussex Grand Prix – but really just running outside in the heat, and the cold, and the rain – on streets and trails and even over the odd stile – on my own or with friends.
  3. Watching Rosie and Sam grow up into their own people.
  4. Being the support team – with Julie – for David, John, Sam and Lewis – whilst they walked the 100km of the Trailwalker – amazing to watch them get through this gruelling experience.
  5. Friendship – and if you are reading this – count yourself in there.
  6. My cats.
  7. The most astounding art gallery I have even been lucky enough to visit – The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASSMOCA) – if you ever find yourself in North Adams – go there – you will not be disappointed!
  8. David Bowie – so sad to hear about his death in January 2016 – but thank you for the reminder about his wonderful music that has punctuated my life and gives me my running track of the year…………….Heroes – what else?
  9. Meeting Eddie Izzard (another runner).
  10. Did I mention running? This time with the Heathfield Road Runners!

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my 2016 – and here is to an action packed 2017!!

One thought on “My 2016 (and it’s not all about Running)”

  1. Now I feel guilty. Isn’t it so British to describe happiness with anything in negative/negative terms? “How are you today”? ‘Mustn’t grumble’.

    “What do you think of my hair, Dear”? ‘Well at least the girl didn’t do such a bad job as last time’.

    “‘Morning, Son. How did you sleep”? ‘All right’.

    You get the picture? I do the same, of course. As I get older, I feel more free to express positive stuff, possibly because I now care less for the opinion of (most) others. But at the same time, if someone I really like or respect speaks sharply to me or disagrees vehemently with something I have just said or done, it seems to hurt all the more deeply. Weird, no?

    Does this relate to running? As you found and admitted above, not strictly. But it does occur in running too 🙂

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