A Sunday Run – Why Blog?

I have known for a long time now that this is not my favourite time of the year. I wake up in the dark.  And the days draw in before the afternoon is over.  Sometimes this is irritating – at best – and makes life hard work.  On mornings like this morning I feel like all the light has been sucked out of the world.  Last night I made a promise to myself – “tomorrow I will run” – it helps to make that promise – because when tomorrow comes there is nothing I feel less like doing.

And it was on that run that I decided to start this blog.  I know running makes me feel better. EVERYONE knows running makes them feel better – so why tell people? Well I need reminding so maybe other people do too!  So I set out on one of my favourite runs – starting with a long (2 mile) downhill into Horam.  I can’t lie – the first mile is horrible – my right knee is niggling – and every step feels slow and heavy.  By mile two I’m beginning to find a comfortable pace – the aches and pains have faded somewhat and its refreshingly cold – I start to feel better!  Mile three – a couple of sharp up-hills – warmed up now and I begin to notice people around me – cheerful and off to pick up the Sunday paper or maybe a visit to church.  It is good to pass by these people and exchange a greeting or a smile.  Some people smile first and are obviously happy and enjoying the day.  Others look like they are in their own world – thinking – what? Happy thoughts? Sad thoughts?  But almost everyone responds to a smile and a greeting.

Through Horam and onto the Cuckoo Trail – I feel lucky to live near here and to be able to run off the road – other runners – dog walkers – cyclists and horse riders – all out this early on a Sunday morning………………..

And that’s when I started to think – I need to share some of this.  I am no longer dragging myself along.  I am no longer counting the miles.  I am running.  Thinking.  Listening to music (I usually do when I run on my own) and I feel just fine!  And that’s the simple point of this blog (I have lots to say) but the most simple message is – that being outside in the daylight – and moving your body just makes you feel better.

And so I am set up for the day – refreshed from the cold – but feeling hot.  Hungry and thirsty.  Ready for a shower and a cup of tea.  And back in touch with how lucky I am to live in this part of the world (despite the short days).  Who cannot feel good …………………….  And thanks to David – out walking and taking photos of this lovely place in East Sussex.

8 Miles done (more of my targets for 2017 next time).

And as an afterthought – I think I will share my running track of the day – it’s got to be “The Only Way is Up” – but you can take you pick as to which version you prefer – upbeat with Yazz or acoustic with the awesome Stornaway (matched my mood today!)

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Run – Why Blog?”

  1. The feelings you express mirror my own pretty accurately, even down to the mileage changes of pain level and mood. Super picture, too; I do believe I ran along there back in the summer (although I can’t be sure). I have read medical research which notes that aerobic exercise begins to have neurological benefit after 35 to 40 minutes. Less than that, doesn’t trigger whatever are the magical (chemical?) effects; more isn’t a great deal better and a lot more doesn’t have any increase in benefit at all. The neurological benefits they cite centre around clarity of thought for the remainder of the day: ability to solve knotty problems; enhanced memory, being more cheerful around others.

    I suppose we all ‘knew’ this, but it’s encouraging to read it in someone’s blog. After all, my own view is that the hardest part of going for a run is getting to the start with a pair of running shoes. And any prompting to push me towards that goal must be a Good Thing 🙂

    Thanks (and Merry Christmas).


      1. I wouldn’t know where to start – I’m hanging on by my fingernails, technologically speaking, even to respond to this! Merry Christmas, though. Keep the encouragement coming, please…


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